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    We are currently beta testing and continuing development on our karate school data manager system.

  • KSDM – Karate School Data Manager

    The Karate School Data Manager is a personal web-based system for managing the information necessary to run a successful traditional Karate school or organization. Features of this system include: attendance tracking; student profile management; rank certificate management; rank certificate printing; attendance card management; attendance groups management; mailing list; phone list; student notes; admin notes; PDF generation; CSV data export for all information. A full listing for features can be found by clicking here.

  • KSDM Plugin – Online registration

    KSDM-Register is a WordPress plugin that integrations a simple but robust online registration system for new students.

  • KSDM Plugin – Program listing

    KSMD-Programs is a WordPress plugin that allows you to place a simple listing of your karate schools’ programs on your website. You manage your student groups and program information in KSDM — including descriptions and class times. The widget draws live data to display your programs.

  • KSDM Plugin – Registering widget

    KSDM-Register is a simple WordPress widget that places a list of the programs your Karate school is currently registering new students for.

  • KSDM Plugin – Class schedule

    KSDM-Schedule is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to place a schedule of all your classes and programs on your website using a simple shortcode. You manage all information in KSDM and the WordPress plugin draws live data to display your schedule to your students. No need to edit a web page or use an external calendar.